Why MSA?

The Missouri Society of Accountants was originally formed in 1964 as the Independent Accountants Society of Missouri. It began as a member guided organization designed to promote education and high standards for independent accountants.

MSA Purpose

Your Professional Growth

MSA helps members expand their accounting and tax counseling skills through continuous study.  The MSA Certificate on your wall tells your clients that your qualifications have been tested and are constantly updated. Your independence and education give you the imagination and flexibility to solve a wide range of client problems – reliably and competently.

The Growth of Your Profession

MSA represents your interest before the Missouri Legislature and Executive agencies. MSA maintains a continuous liaison with state agencies and departments whose decisions affect your daily practice.


MSA has active chapters in cities in and around St. Louis, Kansas City, Mid-Missouri, and Springfield. Exchanging ideas and solving problems with friends and fellow professionals – that is the heart of a MSA monthly chapter meeting. Members also meet with the experts who review topics important to accounting and tax professionals. From practice management to the latest changes in tax law, farm accounting to financial planning – MSA members are the first to put this information to work for their clients.


In Education
MSA’s tax and accounting seminars update your skills and provide you with information that you can put to work for you in your practice. Your seminar discounts alone can easily pay for your annual membership dues. Also, our website gives you a unique and consistent source of information on tax, regulations and business law.

In Achievement
Most MSA members are Accredited Business Accountants (ABA),Accredited TaxAdvisors (ATA), Accredited Tax Preparers (ATP), Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and/or Enrolled Agents (EA).  The association offers assistance to members in obtaining their professional credentials. Courses for the EA or the ACAT exams lead to your accreditation as a top professional in your field.

In Ethics and Standards
Active MSA members maintain high professional standards voluntarily adopted by the membership to ensure quality work by our members. Adherence to a strict code of ethics is  required by all members.

Right to Practice

The protection of your right to practice has long been the hallmark of MSA. Created in I964 through the efforts of our national affiliate, the National Society of Accountants, MSA has been protecting your right to practice since its inception.

MSA maintains both a standing legislative committee and a political action committee. The organization monitors all meetings of the State Board of Accountancy and networks with its national affiliate to remain abreast of legislative issues impacting the profession.

MSA is the only organization representing the nonlicensed accountant in Missouri.