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95+ customizable client handouts available online!

Client Handouts - Now Online!
Online subscription includes 95+ customizable handouts and newsletters. Access anywhere you have internet.
Use handouts to help explain tax concepts to your clients, promote your practice, and help your clients stay organized. Handouts cover a huge variety of tax-related subjects and are written in an easy-to-read format your clients will appreciate. Build customer loyalty and keep your name in front of clients year round!

Access available immediately. Subscription valid through 12/1/17.

Add value to client engagements by placing a handout in each client's folder before tax season, email/mail handouts to new clients to make a great first impression, or email/mail during tax season to remind clients who have not yet scheduled their appointments.

Sample Titles include:

Divorce and Taxes Education Tax Benefits Gift Tax Moving Expenses
Itemized Deductions - Homeowners Business Use of Home Estimated Taxes
Hobby vs. Losses Filing Status Mileage and Expense Log Multi-State Taxation
Taxable Social Security Benefits Vehicles - Business Use and more!

To preview the new Client Handouts online, go to www.handouts.thetaxbook.com.
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msaexdir@gmail.com    (typically your email address)   
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The preview gives you access to see the functionality and all of the Client Handouts Catalog, but you will not be able to see the content. Click here to review sample handouts.


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