Subject: Governor Calls Special Session


On Thursday, May 18, 2017, less than one week since the end of the 2017 regular session, Governor Eric Greitens (R) issued a proclamation calling the Missouri General Assembly back to Jefferson City for a special session.  The special session will only focus on passing legislation that failed during the regular session to allow for the Missouri Public Service Commission to issue a special energy rate for a steel smelter facility in southeast Missouri.  According to reports, new investors have stepped up and discussed reopening the former Noranda Aluminum plant in New Madrid, Missouri.  Additionally, it has been suggested this could create over 500 jobs for an economically distressed region of our state as 900 jobs were lost when the plant closed in January. 

During the 2017 regular legislative session, this legislation passed the House easily on several occasions, but faced major opposition from a handful of state Senators.  It appears thus far that the opposition still exists in the Senate and this should make this special session very interesting when the bill reaches the Senate floor.  Proponents suggest that the bill will allow for job creation and lead to economic activity for the region that would far outweigh any minimal increase in utility fees on consumers.  While the opponents contend that this legislation would create a mechanism for an investor owned utility to increase their rates on single family consumers and small businesses in an effort to offer a lower rate to one manufacturer. 

The Governor’s call provides that the special session will begin next Monday (May 22nd) and may last up to 60 days per the state constitution. 

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