We received this advisory from our IT person today...

Nasty Ransomware Virus "Alert" February 26, 2016

There is a new Nasty Ransomware virus out there. It surfaced about a week ago and a Client in Troy got hit yesterday (Feb 25th).
This virus will quickly encrypt everything on your PC, then encrypt everything it can see on your server. Then it will pop up a ransom note on your PC that says we have encrypted your files and to decrypt them you must pay us, then lists instructions. DO NOT PAY THEM, it’s a step to steal your identity.

Once encrypted there isn’t anything you can do to get your data back, period, it’s gone. So like I said this is a nasty virus and you should take it seriously!

It has been coming in an email that states it’s an invoice, the invoice is a Word attachment, when you open the attachment it launches a Macro that downloads and runs the virus. So the key here is to be smart, read the email and DO NOT OPEN any attachments especially word attachments if you are not 100% sure they are valid. When in question just delete the email.

As of this email Virus and spam scanners aren’t catching this email, they will but these first few days are critical.
Please pass this along to all employees and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

Chris DeLaquil,  MCSE
Director of Client Services
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