New payment option available to taxpayers in private debt collection program



WASHINGTON — Internal Revenue Service officials today announced that a new payment option has been added to the private debt collection program to make it easier for those who owe to pay their tax debts.

Taxpayers now can choose the convenient option of a preauthorized direct debit to make one payment or a series of payments toward their federal tax debt. With direct debit, the taxpayer will give their written permission to the private collection agency (PCA) to authorize a payment on the taxpayer’s behalf to the U.S. Department of the Treasury. This enables the taxpayer to conveniently and securely schedule multiple payments with the ease of a single phone call with their assigned PCA.

When taxpayers choose the preauthorized direct debit option, they’ll complete and sign a written authorization which can be submitted to the PCA by mail or fax. The authorization contains the payment schedule and bank account information.

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