This weeks Member Spotlight recognizes Carmen Wallace.  Carmen is the new treasure of the organization and has been a member for 10 years from the Heart of the Ozarks Chapter.  Carmen owns Bottom Line Accounting and Tax Services and works for G & H Tax & Accounting in Springfield, MO.

When asked about her special niche Carmen replied, “I do a lot of problem resolution, and digging people out of tax problems and messes and I get a lot of my client information in Walmart sacks. So. Around the office they call me the ‘trash bag accountant.’”  In addition, her response about education and experience was, “Other than jumping in and just doing the book work, the tax returns, the problem resolution, I don’t think anything prepared me for what I was getting in to. My schooling was all theory it seemed and nothing like what I actually do.”

Carmen’s most important skill is “being skeptical and questioning everything.”  Her greatest accomplishment is her kids and being able to help alleviate stress from clients.  She sites her biggest challenge is getting people to cooperate and get the information needed to her.  She cannot work without Google.

Carmen’s favorite tip is “Learn everything you can, you’ll need it!”  We are glad to have her in the organization and look forward to working with her as the new treasurer.