This weeks Membership Spotlight looks at a dedicated member of many years, Jeanie Tays.  Jeanie is a member of the Kansas City Chapter and Has a practice in Lee’s Summit, MO.  She is the current owner of Accounting & Tax Solutions, INC., a practice that has been open for more than 70 years.  The rest of this bio is Jeanie’s own words.

Even in high school bookkeeping class, I knew I was meant to do accounting. I spent several years working on my MRS and my MOM and when the children were older, I started working for an accountant. That led to my job working for an MSA member, Stan Atkinson who took me under his wing and introduced me to tax preparation which is now the favorite part of my job. I worked for H&R Block as an advisor, a supervisor and instructor. I wasn’t done with MSA apparently because I began working for Patricia Bliss Accounting & Tax Solutions whose owner was also an MSA member. There I filled in a lot of accounting gaps in my knowledge and continued learning more about both accounting and taxes. I passed the ABA exam and the EA exam while working for her. When Pat Bliss retired, I bought her business and never looked back. I love what I do, and I am so glad to have been mentored by MSA members.

Jeanie has three children and eight grandchildren with a few more step grands sprinkled in there as well.