Our inaugural honoree for the MSA Membership Spotlight is Michael Blase. Mike won this prestigious position in part because he was named the MSA Outstanding Chapter President for 2020.  He is a dedicated member of the organization for over 10 years, an accomplished Tax Preparer, and a well-educated business professional with a lifetime of experience.

Mike began college to obtain an accounting degree but ended with a business degree.  In 1988 he took a part time position with Betty’s Tax Service while working full time at Boeing Aerospace doing cost analysis.  He later expanded his credentials by achieving an EA certification.

With a focus on individual tax returns, Mike says his most important skill is working with clients to evaluating and analyzing their tax status.  He feels the biggest challenge of working in the industry is the ever-revolving change in tax laws.  Mike’s advice is to “pay attention to details while not losing focus on the big picture” and of course to keep plenty of chocolate in the office.

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