This weeks Honoree of the Missouri Society of Accountants Membership Spotlight is Nicola Price.  Nicola has been the Principal of B2BC Mobile Tax & Solutions for the past six years.  Through this business she offers onsite services to business employees.  Nicola has been a member of MSA for five years.

Nicola’s most important soft skill is her ability to listen intently while her most important hard skill is her aptitude for accounting.  Her greatest accomplishment professionally is contributing to the success of business owners I work with to realize their goals.  Her greatest personal accomplishment is to be raising happy, healthy, god-fearing little girls.  The biggest challenge working in the industry, according to Nicola, was realized in 2020 during the pandemic and the uncertainty concerning the state of the economy.

Nicola is an Enrolled Agent and is working toward a CPA certification.  Her interest in accounting started in high school, her college education sealed the deal, and her professional experiences confirmed her passion.  She states, “It’s equally important to be plugged into an organization of like-minded individuals and that was MSA for me.”

Nichola cannot live without her smartphone at work because it keeps her on task.  She is a great inspiration for the next generation of accountants.  Hr favorite tip for someone working in the accounting world is “Talking out loud to yourself while trying to figure it out is normal 😊.