This weeks Membership Spotlight recognizes the organizations outgoing president, Christina Griffitts.  Christina is the Owner of Tax & Financials Advisors LLC of Springfield, MO.  She has been a devoted member of Missouri Society of Accountants for nine years.

Christina has a RTRP and ATP certification and is in the process of completing her EA certification with two of the three tests completed.  Her office offers services in Sub-S Corporations, Small Business, Rental Properties, and Farms Tax returns.  She is very skilled in Sub-S Corporation Tax returns.

Her greatest accomplishment is her family, business and her relationships in MSA.  She feels the biggest challenge in the industry is the ever-changing tax laws.  She cannot live without her computer.  Christina’s favorite tip is “join an organization that can help you network and help with education as well as having a wealth of knowledge in all things accounting and tax preparation such as Missouri Society of Accountants.”