About MSA

Missouri Society of Accountants can trace its beginnings back to 1964.  Encouraged by National Society of Public Accountants’  district governor Hank Gunnels, of Kansas City, Missouri, the organization was formed.  In the beginning, the organization was incorporated as Independent Accountants Society of Missouri.  The organization changed its name to Missouri Society of Accountants (MSA) in 1998.

From its conception on June 11, 1964 the organization has focused on contributing to all members of the accounting and bookkeeping profession in Missouri.  In 2001, the organization was instrumental in having wording included in state legislation, which allows for non-CPAs to call themselves accountants.  Missouri Statute 326.292 section 5.2 States:

Only persons or firms holding a valid license or permit issued under section 326.280 or 326.289 shall assume or use any title or designation that includes the words accountant or accounting in connection with any other language, including the language of a report, that implies that the person or firm holds a license or permit or has special competence as an accountant or auditor; provided, however, that this subsection shall not prohibit any officer, partner, principal, member, manager or employee of any firm or organization from affixing such person's own signature to any statement in reference to the financial affairs of the firm or organization with any wording designating the position, title or office that the person holds therein nor prohibit any act of a public official or employee in the performance of the person's duties as such.  Nothing in this subsection shall prohibit the singular use of "accountant" or "accounting" for non-attest purposes.

In addition, recognition is given to Enrolled Agents (EA) as seen in section 4 of the same statute states:

Only persons holding a valid license or permit issued under section 326.280 or 326.289, or persons qualifying for the privilege to practice under section 326.283, and firms exempt from the permit requirement under subsection 1 of section 326.289, shall assume or use the title certified accountant, chartered accountant, enrolled accountant, licensed accountant, registered accountant, accredited accountant or any other title or designation likely to be confused with the titles certified public accountant or public accountant, or use any of the abbreviations CA, LA, RA, AA or similar abbreviation likely to be confused with the abbreviation CPA or PA.  The title enrolled agent or EA shall only be used by individuals so designated by the Internal Revenue Service.  Nothing in this section shall prohibit the use or issuance of a title for non-attest services provided that the organization and the title issued by the organization existed prior to August 28, 2001.

Since this benchmark event the organization has focused on support and education for its members.  The organization provides Continuing Education classes throughout the year to help the members meet their certification requirements.  In the face of the 2020 pandemic, the organization started offering these CPE seminars through live webinars.

MSA fosters the idea of accountants for Main Street not Wall Street.  Through this motto the organization helps the small accounting firms through networking, mentorship and continuing education.  Throughout the organization’s history, MSA has been a member guided organization that promotes high standards for all accountants.

Become A Member

Ethics & Standards

Active MSA members maintain high professional standards voluntarily adopted by the membership to ensure quality work by our members. Adherence to a strict code of ethics is required by all members.

Your Professional Growth

Expand your accounting and tax counseling skills through continuous study. The MSA certificate on your wall tells your clients that your qualifications have been tested and are constantly updated, and that they can rely on your independence and flexibility to solve a wide range of client problems-reliably and competently. Our clients demand current information, and we can offer a current perspective through continuing Professional Education. MSA represents your interests before the Missouri Legislature and Executive agencies. While largely unsung, MSA's work to protect our right to practice in Missouri is one of MSA's greatest benefits. MSA maintains a continuous liaison with state agencies and departments whose decisions affect your daily practice, and the daily lives of your clients. MSA has active chapters in cities in and around St. Louis, Kansas City, Mid-Missouri and Springfield. Exchanging ideas and solving problems with friends and fellow professionals - that's the heart of a MSA monthly chapter meeting. Members also meet with experts who review topics important to accountants and tax professionals.

Education & Achievement

Courses for the EA or the ACAT exams lead to your accreditation as a top professional in your field. Courses for the EA or the ACAT exams lead to your accreditation as a top professional in your field. MSA's tax and accounting seminars update your skills and give you information that you can put to work for your practice. Our website gives you a unique and consistent source of information on Federal and Missouri Tax, business law and regulations. The Society offers the benefit of all our members knowledge to professionals working on these achievements.