The mission statement of Missouri Society of Accountants begins with the line “The Purpose of the organization is to promote and protect the interest of accountants and tax practitioners serving the general public.” In addition, the mission statement says “to cultivate a spirit of professional cooperation among its members,” as well as, “to promote local organizations of its members and to establish an understanding between the general public and the Missouri Society of Accountants.” In that spirit the organization would like to announce the launch of our new Members Spotlight section of the MSA website.

MSA has a wealth of talented members with a variety of specialties. The Members Spotlight will focus in on one member each week and give a brief biography on that members skills and specialties. The weekly blog will rotate be-tween the wealth of experience of legacy members and the ambition and talent of the new up and coming members.

Each Spotlight Member will be chosen by the Membership Committee. Nomi-nations can be submitted from all members of the organization and submitted to the committee. The selected member will then receive a form to fill out. That information will be compiled into a professional biography and then posted on the MSA website as well as social media.

The organization hopes that this new program will offer insight and collaboration amongst our members. Bob Burg, named one of The American Management Association’s 30 most influential leaders, said “The single greatest 'people skill' is a highly developed & authentic interest in the *other* person.” So, lets cultivate a spirit of professional cooperation and promote local organizations of our members.

Submit a nomination for a deserving candidate by filling out the form below.